Breast Augmentation – Augmentation Mammoplasty

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure performed to increase or enlarge a woman's breasts with the help of breast implants. Implants containing saline solutions are used almost exclusively for breast augmentation.

The best candidates for breast enhancement are women who want to improve their body contour and feel that their breasts are too small. Breast augmentation can help women feel more confident about their body image. 

breast augmentation

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Breast augmentation can also easily correct sagging breasts or breasts that have less volume due to pregnancy. The goal of surgery is usually to make the breasts more natural and fuller.

Women with previous breast asymmetry, congenital abnormalities, or mastectomy can also be good candidates for breast augmentation.

A breast augmentation consultation consists of an in-depth discussion of the patient's wants and concerns. The patient's chest is examined and evaluated. The surgical options available, including a description of how the procedure was performed, will be reviewed.

Ideas about the expected outcome, including the limits and risks of surgery, were also discussed. The types and forms of breast implants available are also discussed. 

Patients should be aware of the potential risks associated with breast augmentation surgery. This risk will be discussed with you during your consultation.

For most women, the results of breast enlargement are very satisfying and even exciting as they learn to appreciate their fuller appearance.