Questions to ask when buying an e-bike Service kit

 Is this electric bike service kit for a DIY enthusiast or should it be fitted by a qualified fitter only? If you have a favorite bike shop you might check if they fix e-bikes. Electric bike servicing and repair is not readily available at all bike shops- nor is bike service kit installation or servicing. When considering a service kit, you might check in with qualified bike service centers in your area and select a model that can be maintained close to home. Some work may require that you send the bike or parts to a specialist or manufacturer service technician.

· What technology is utilized by the e-bike service kit? The majority of the service kits available on the market use hub motors and are most typically offered ready spoked into a wheel. Many of the systems use a throttle control while some more sophisticated models such as the BionX have pedal sensors so that the power kicks in when the rider begins to pedal (pedelec).To get more information you can search on e-bike service via

· Is the service kit meant for front or rear wheel attachment? Enthusiasts are particularly passionate about one option or the other and readily cite the advantages and disadvantages of each. In short, the front hub motor is easier to install and will equalize the weight of the bike if the batteries are on the rear. Many prefer the handling though a drawback is that the front forks can be more susceptible to failure- especially if the frame is aluminum- with steel forks and a torque arm, failure is less likely. The rear hub motor is less noticeable and allows for more torque due to the additional rider weight over the rear wheel. If the dropout fails it is less likely to cause injury. A rear hub kit however is more challenging to install as you have to worry about gearing, the derailer, and may not accommodate a 7-speed freewheel which is common on most bikes. Due to the added weight in the back, the bike can become unbalanced and harder to handle if the battery is in the rear as well.

· What is the complete list of requirements for any bike to which you intend to fit your service kit? For hub motor kits you'll need to check your frame's rear dropout width and what gearing the system is compatible with – you'll often find rear hub motors only work with screw-on type freewheels. The wheel size is important in determining the fit.