Why Asphalt Is Preferred For Commercial Driveways

There are various reasons why many commercial property owners pave their roads with asphalt instead of concrete. Asphalt pavement offers many advantages especially in terms of maintenance and repair. 

That is the reason why asphalt is much more economical than concrete. As well as their flexibility and ease of maintenance, they usually cost less than the concrete material in most hardware and construction stores.

If you are planning to pave or repair your roads or driveway, it is always recommended to hire Commercial paving and Asphalt service providers. Although concrete floors can last up to 15 or 20 years without repair, asphalt is still the more modern choice for most residential and commercial properties for a number of reasons. 

commercial paving and asphalt

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Read on for important information about  why asphalt paving  is more renowned than concrete.

Asphalt pavement for Driveways

As noted above, concrete can last up to fifteen or twenty years without needing repair. Asphalt pavements may require maintenance after about five to seven years as Soil conditions, overexposure, neglect, cars and the environment all affect asphalt pavements. 

The following are the most common contributors to asphalt breakage, potholes and wear:

  • Heavy trucks, cars and cargo
  • Significant water saturation
  • Constant moisture exposure
  • Raw storm
  • Too much tree roots
  • Bad base
  • Plate tectonics
  • And much more