Unmasking Procedures Following a Chemical Attack

Chemical weapons remain a credible threat to Americans Force throughout the world. In the years after surgery Desert Storm, US land forces have seen a dramatic increase in chemical protective equipment including gas masks.

Gas masks have become a vital part of life since the world war 1. Today, they are widely used by armed forced and common people. You can also buy protective gas masks for safety purpose from Gas Mask Pro.

The current procedure can be increased by making the top three Modification. First, adequate preparation for defense in which fight chemical attacks must include medical strengthening unmasking kit.

The use of LMA is very good and suitable for the chemical environment because it can be included
blindly and, compared to trachea intubation, only requires minimum training to achieve competence. Besides that, big distal ring prevents unintentional insertion into the esophagus,

It reduces the possibility of a fatal error. This feature is appreciated when someone considers the corpsman / medic attempting to verify lung sounds through multiple layers of protective clothing while wearing a gas mask and hood.

Second, if done properly, unmasking will take place in non contaminated field. Therefore, the threat of the main poison for personnel removing their masks will come from gases and liquid that adheres to unit clothing and equipment.

Third, the unmasking protocol should be carried out with the assistance and supervision of corpsman or medics with unit equipped appropriately.