Benefits of Telegram over WhatsApp

Telegram has advanced in functionality, leaving WhatsApp behind. Telegram offers more fun bells and whistles than WhatsApp.

1. Simultaneous Sign-in: Telegram allows you to simultaneously sign in to multiple devices using the same credentials (iPads, laptops, work PCs, phones) WhatsApp doesn't allow you to do this. Telegram also provides various entertainment channels. You can also watch 14+ amazon prime web series telegram channels.

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2. Cloud-based, not locally saved: Because chats and media are stored online the cache space on your local device can be reduced so that you can use your valuable smartphone capacity for other important functions like photos and videos. 

Telegram is a great way to communicate with friends from developing countries who have limited storage space. WhatsApp can be used over the long term, but this becomes prohibitive.

3. Ability to delete messages: You can delete a message you've already sent to a recipient after the fact without the recipient being informed. WhatsApp did this one year ago but still leaves a "deleted messages" indicator to let others know that the message was once there.

4. Edit messages that you have already sent: This is a big difference from WhatsApp. Instead of following up with a clarification or correction, a message can be "edited". 

Your message will be marked "edited", but this is probably a good thing. You're most likely correcting a typo or clarifying rather than trying to retract a message that you sent.