All about Miniature Painting

The term"miniature painting" can be described in various ways: the methods used, the size of the object being depicted relative to the object depicted, or the proportions of both. 

The art of painting was first developed within the Western world and includes various forms of painting, including paintings of angels and saints. Diver scenes from daily day life during the early Middle Ages are also found within this category of art.

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RCIN 420060 - Charles I (1625-1649)

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The artists started to create miniature paintings for clients privately or for royal family members when the development of printing presses was introduced. 

It was the norm to put these words in a purse or pocket by the owner and carry them with them wherever they go. It's what people do to express their love and affection for loved ones by taking photos with them.

A thorough observation is necessary when implementing the technique of miniature painting. The surfaces that are used for painting are diverse as will the tools. The key thing is the understanding of composition and color variations technique.

There is a consensus among experts regarding the size of the artwork. The larger sizes, like 11×14" are preferred by a few artists. Some prefer smaller sizes such as 5×7" or smaller if you include frames as well.

The dimensions and the requirements are ignored by some experts. They believe that what is important in miniature art will be the "miniaturization" aspect. So long as this element is not distorted when painting it is worth it.