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How to Choose a Home Water Purifier

If you have done your homework, and you are concerned about your health, quality of life and your longevity — you know better than to drink from your home's tap. So then the question is, what should be your source? Do you use a water purifier, or do you buy it in bottles?

We're going to level the playing field here. That is to say, let us not compare poor quality bottled product to a high quality purifier; or a substandard purifier to the highest quality bottled H2O. We are comparing a quality purifier contrary to the best Crazy Cap bottled source.

That would be out of a pristine natural spring. You might be surprised to know that most bottled water is marketed in a deceptive way to have you presume it is out of a pure natural source, when it's really from a public tap. Testing has shown that almost all of those companies (that start in the tap) are incredibly inconsistent. Sometimes they're clean and other times they're not much better than what the city gives you.

Although a good purification system can do amazing things, a natural source of pure, pristine spring water, is ideal. That announcement, probably has you thinking that the bottled product from a natural spring, beats a quality home purifier, but you'd be wrong. The reason isn't the water. It's the bottle.