Why Take The IOSH Managing Safely Course?

The Safe Management course is a fundamental introduction to risk management, health and safety and is designed specifically for management personnel and supervisors.

The curriculum is structured to give managers a better understanding of the practical tasks required to ensure the safety of the people they report to. You can pop over to this website wiseglobaltraining.com/iosh-working-safely-elearning/ to join an IOSH course online.

Topics covered include:

  • Roles and responsibility

  • Risk assessment and control

  • Accident and incident investigation

  • Evaluating occupational health and safety performance in all departments/companies.

After completing the five training modules, a 45-minute multiple choice test is conducted, followed by a safety risk assessment. This practical section must be done within two weeks of the end of the quiz, so that participants can demonstrate their knowledge.

IOSH Safe Management courses can be supervised by a verified provider at a training center or workplace. Training methods are available online and in the classroom, and any good training provider can offer in-house training solutions, either online or in the classroom.

Obtaining IOSH accreditation benefits individuals and, of course, their employers by: helping to increase health and safety awareness, thereby reducing risk; providing a safe workplace for employees; offering delegates the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities by enhancing their career prospects.

However, improving health and safety knowledge is critical and, as noted earlier, better health and safety assessments will generally minimize the combined risks of accident and disease. In a direct relationship, sickness and absenteeism are reduced accordingly, which allows the company to be more productive and profitable.