Why Buy Fixed Gear Bikes

A fixed-gear bicycle, also known as a fixie, is a bicycle with a drive-train with no freewheel mechanism. In recent years, the fixie has become popular among many urban cyclists due to its simplicity compared to the standard multi-geared bicycle. This bike has a drive sprocket/cog which is connected directly to the wheel hub. So the rear wheel and pedal turn in the same direction. This will make it easier for the cyclist to apply only weak brakes without using the brakes. Fixed cycles are single-speed and have only a front brake. Some models do not have brakes at all.

Advantages of Fixed Gear Bike

The riders of this bike love it for a few reasons. He believes that pedaling rhythm can be improved during bicycle motion because he has to pedal without stopping. Some of the advantages of fixed gear bikes are listed below and why you should use this type of bike in winter.

Fixies are relatively lighter and have fewer mechanical parts, therefore less on maintenance. They are cheap according to the price. If you are searching for Fixie & Singlespeed Bikes online at the best price then refer to GODSPEED bikes.

Bikers can slow down the speed of the bike by using pedals. The fixie bike also encourages an effective pedaling style and increases stamina.

Disadvantages of Fixed Gear Bikes

One drawback of fixed gear bikes is that they adapt to all riding conditions. You are likely to miss the freewheel and gear in some areas.

It can be heavy on your knees. To an extent, it can help strengthen your legs and knees. But if you are not comfortable with the pedaling technique of a fixed-gear bike, it can also cause breakage in your knees.

Fixie is not recommended without brakes. This is because when you are breaking through the rear wheel you are not getting the maximum power during the deceleration of your bike. Here the weight is transferred to the front wheel and there is a possibility of the bike slipping. That is why it is advisable to choose a fixie with brakes.