What You Really Need to Know About Hair Growth Treatment

You have been trying to grow hair for years, but it seems to have reached a point where it will no longer grow. You might think that this is just because you are growing up. There are some things that you could do to grow hair and encourage hair growth.

Have you ever assessed your shampoo bottle for ingredients? You must also read the shampoo label. Choose a shampoo that is free of harsh chemicals such as paraben and sulfate. You may click here to find out more about hair growth treatment. 


If you are using shampoos every day, which include harsh chemicals or detergents (which are also used as engine deterioration), this might be among the reasons why your hair falls. After changing your shampoo to a brand that doesn't contain these components, which can be located in the health section of most stores, you will have to find out what sort of water you're washing your hair with.

If you are residing in the city, you are most likely washing your hair daily in chlorine. We all know that chlorine is a harsh chemical that not good for hairs. 

What I would buy would be a water filter which will fit in my shower nozzle, so that I could purify the water daily to wash my hair. After using one for many months, I can really see the difference in the thickness, length, and overall shine of my hair. 

But let me tell you exactly what causes your hair to fall. Have you heard of DHT or dihydrotestosterone? Well, it's a hormone that's associated with keeping the growth of hair follicles. And due to this hormone, your scalp is unable to function properly and creates new follicles. Because of this, no new hair follicles are replaced which are old and faded. Without appropriate treatment, it can result in permanent baldness.