What are the Different Types of Jon Boats Available?

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Jon boats are quite popular among boaters who prefer sailing in shallow waters. With flat bottom as one of their prime characteristics, Jon boats offer extra stability over calm waters. But did you know how these got their name as Jon boats? While there are different theories for the name, the popular one is the use of Jackwood for making the vessels. And John, a nickname for Jack, is used for naming the boats with “h” dropped.

However, being quite popular, Jon boats are today available in different types as given below:

  • Hunting Boats: People who love fishing and hunting prefer buying Jon boats. Their flat-bottom simplifies various activities like pulling the boat towards the bank, brushing into waterfowl, and fishing the shallows. With extra stability, Jon boats allow for easy set-up and retrieval of duck and goose decoys. Most hunting boats are made of aluminium with advanced patterns printed on them allowing them to disappear in the bushes.
  • Aluminium Jon Boats: Among different materials, aluminium Jon boats are the most popular because they are lightweight. This makes them easily maneuverable, towable, lowers power needs, and improves performance.
  • Utility Jon Boats: Besides hunting and fishing, this class allows for more utility applications. You can use these boats to spend a good time over the waters, escape from the land-based hustle, and maybe occasionally go fishing with the minimum equipment load.

These aren’t the only types of Jon boats available and you can find a complete variety and more advice with aluminium boats in Australia.