Weed Grinder Special Features

For the best weed grinder special features, you can truly get a spectacular grind. Modern technology and manufacturing now give new strength and clearer view to the best herb grinders.

Windows are now common with the advent of super clear, dense plastics. Some models can even feature real scientific glass windows which are easier to clean than plastic and resist damage more.

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The strength of modern alloys also allows for cool features like durable crank handles. This can be beneficial for those with arthritis who have a hard time with hand-crank weed grinders.

Styles of weed grinders

The sheer number of styles in weed grinder design make finding the perfect model more complex. In essence, the styles of weed grinders can be boiled down to a few specific types.

There are compact grinders as well as hand grinders in two or more pieces. There are cool combo grinder/bottles for all-in-one action, and even fancy power grinders with electric motivation. They all grind weed, but there are differences beyond that base line.

Card herb shredders

Standard round herb grinders can be bulky to carry and have lids that may not lock, making portability less than lacking. So, for a grind on the go, keep this cool card in your wallet.

Made to tuck away inside a billfold’s credit card slot, card shredders go anywhere you go. They can be made of plastic or metal and have various configurations to shred a bud like butter on a box grater. It’s an excellent emergency setup when stashed with rolling papers.