Wall and Floor Tilers in Perth

Walls and floors tilers operate in domestic and commercial properties that do all types of walls and floor tiling. Places include houses, schools, offices, airport hospitals, factories and construction sites. It’s a variety of jobs; Tilers use and install various kinds of ceramic tiles and natural stones using different techniques.

A tiling professional in Perth work internally and externally; They work individually and / or as part of the team. They have good knowledge of tiles, backgrounds and additional products and understand and adhere to legal, safety and environmental requirements.

They are good problem solvers and communicators and can interact effectively with colleagues, clients and related trades. Tiler must also be able to interpret images and can extract information relevant to the task at hand. Tiler must be able to recognize and reach a high level of quality in their finished work.

Tiler walls and floors will be able to

  • Identify and minimize the dangers and risks at work, ensuring a safe environment maintained at any time. Follow the safety procedures, risk assessment, report methods and work instructions
  • Take advantage of the most efficient and effective resources.
  • Select, use, maintain and store tile equipment
  • Prepare background, install wall and floors tiles and produce works that are in accordance with British standards BS5385: 1-5 and BS8000: 11.
  • Report accidents or incidents at work according to organizational and legislative requirements

Behavior: Wall and Floor Tilers will be expected to show:

  • Their responsibilities for their own safety and other people at work
  • Strong, motivated, reliable and adaptable work ethics
  • Attention to detail, quality and sustainable improvement
  • Awareness of mission, goals, markets, products, and business services
  • Customer’s focus attitude
  • Effective communication in the team, with clients or with management