Use LED Dimmer Controllers To Build A Smart Home

Nowadays intelligent lighting control is becoming more and more popular, and the smart home concept is now a very hot trend. using smart controllers and dimmers enables users to control and dim traditional lights and LED lights which are installed in their house smartly and conveniently.

As LED lighting is now widely used for residential lighting, plus the smart light dimmers, the home lighting will become more and more energy-efficient and intelligent. Read this article to know about the wireless LED strip lights with remote.

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Compared with traditional switches, the new dimmer switch features the following advantages.

Firstly remote control is available while using an RF controller to dim LED lamps, the RF dimmer can send a wireless RF signal to the receivers, and the receivers will receive the RF signal to control the LED lamps.

It is very convenient to adjust the brightness of LEDs with RF remote, the control distance can be over 20 meters.

Secondly, smooth dimming from 0% to 100% is available while using intelligent control. The new controller enables users to dim their residential lighting smoothly without any flash and create a very right mood for them, which can be very comfortable for human beings’ eyes.

Thirdly, for decorative RGB LED lighting, the smart dimmer switch such as RF andDMX512 controllers enables users to control lighting with color changing patterns. Also, the brightness of each RGB channel can be adjustable independently. Finally, millions of colors can be mixed.

Fourthly, once used with a smart controller, the PWM output frequency can be adjustable, and the high frequency will make the lighting more smooth and stable when dimming without any flash.