Trampoline Ninja Theme Park In Rotherham

Children and adolescents are at high risk of becoming obese as a result of no exercise and physical activity. The prevalence of obesity among children and teens is still too high.

This number is even more alarming considering the impact of the pandemic. How much more couch surfing and screen time have our children had to endure? What is a simple solution?

Trampoline ninja theme parks can help you find the best indoor jumping area where you can have unlimited fun with your children. Your children will also enjoy jumping around freely and indulging in some physical activities with other kids.

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Jump Inc Ninja Park adheres to all federal and local safety guidelines. Our own design layout allows jumpers to keep a safe distance. The cafe seating capacity is very spacious.

We are proud to offer parents and children the opportunity for an unstructured, FREE PLAY. The amount of play that children have today has decreased over the past several decades. 

Safe environments are essential for children to develop social skills and mature as adults. Playing was an open-ended, child-initiated activity in the past. Playing has changed for many children today. It is now highly structured and directed by adults. 

This has a profound impact on their physical, cognitive, and emotional growth.