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Basic Features Of ERP That You Should Know

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is a management software that helps manage a business through the use of complex integrated application systems. The useful features of ERP integrate all aspects of the business including manufacturing, marketing, development, and sales. You can also know more about the features of ERP software through various websites.

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This allows the company to deploy a set of useful applications for the smooth running of the company. As enterprise resource planning software methodologies have grown in popularity, ERP functionality has evolved into one integrated package that helps business leaders apply them to other business needs such as CRM and business intelligence.

Among several ERP features, some of the most important functions are mentioned below.

1. Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a key component for any software developer to improve services for enterprise customers. It helps companies to easily respond to customer needs, execute customer orders effectively, and create marketing campaigns to grow the business. 

CRM is one of the most effective ERP features because it can include sales tools that can process orders, offer flexible product pricing, and create sales offers. 

2. The most valuable function of ERP is the human resource management module. This module is especially useful for companies that need time and work tracking. It can also save wages for a more efficient payment system.

This can help manage compensation and plan for staffing needs. The HCM module is one of the useful functions of ERP because it can include self-service tools for managers and employees. 

In short, the features of ERP can vary depending on the different needs of different companies. In general, they help run the organization effectively without hiring a lot of staff.