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Tips To Make Your White Towel Clean And Spotless

Here are some useful tips on how to make your white towel shiny and spotless.

Keep Your White towels Whiten with Lemon

To keep your white towel looking white, new, and shiny, take water and add the juice of four to five lemons to it. Boil the water and lemon for 20 minutes and then soak your white towel in this mixture. 

Let it stay in the lemon water for around one hour and then rinse it off regularly using detergent. You can rent high-quality linen and all your laundry needs by hire tea cloths in Melbourne for spotless tea towel cleaning. 

Remove make-up stains out of white towels with bleach and detergent

Detergent with bleach helps keep white towels bright. You can use a mixture of bleach and water with detergent to soak your white towels in first, then rinse them out. After this, do a regular wash. This process should remove any make-up stains from your white towels.

Remove Stain from White Towel with Hydrogen Peroxide

You can get rid of any obvious stains or marks on your white towels with hydrogen peroxide. All you have to do is dab a small amount of hydrogen peroxide over the entire stain and allow it to sit on the towel for at least an hour before washing it off. This will help remove the stain from your towel.

Get Rid of Stain from White Towel with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great fabric brightening ingredient. It is helpful for making your white towel shinier. 

Load your white towels into the washing machine and pour laundry detergent as and 1/2 cup of baking soda. The combination of baking soda and detergent will help to lift stains out of the fabric and whiten the towels.