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Facts That Every Thai Food Chef Follows For The Right Flavor

Thai cuisine is not only available in Thailand, but also internationally. Because of its simplicity in preparation and the use of herbs and other natural ingredients, it has been a popular choice for global cuisine. Thai food retains the freshness and makes it a complete meal.

 Contact us or Ask any Thai chef or expert about Thai food and you will be amazed at the current demand for Thai cuisine. It is a delicious combination of healthy ingredients and good taste.

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Vegetables Must Be Cut Well

To make Thai food, the vegetables should be chopped finely and not too large. Finely chopped vegetables will cook faster and retain their natural flavor. It is believed that vegetables lose more nutrients the longer they are kept warm.

Making use of the Mortar-and-Pestle

This tool has been around for years, even before electronic mixers and grinders. This tool is great for making pastes, sauces, and grinding spices. It retains the original flavor, while allowing you to control the texture, unlike machines that can't always be controlled. 

Every Ingredient Should Be Minced Well

Regardless of whether you are using meat or lemongrass in your dish, it is important that each ingredient be minced equally to preserve the flavors. This allows for even cooking and prevents one ingredient from dominating the other, according to Thai chefs. 

Spices Must Be Roasted before Grinding

This isn't just a Thai cooking technique. Many Asian countries use this technique. To use spices for cooking, you should roast them until they are brown. Then grind them in a mortar or electric grinder. This gives the food a bolder flavor and makes it more delicious.