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What Should I Look For When Buying a Polished Terrazzo Floor?

When you are looking to buy a polished terrazzo floor, it is important to be aware of the different types of polishing that are used and their associated maintenance requirements.  You can click to find out more information regarding to polished terrazzo floor designs.


polished terrazzo floors


Here Are Some Tips To Help You Make An Informed Decision:

The most popular type of polishing uses a diamond wheel. This type of polishing requires more frequent maintenance as the diamond wheel needs to be oiled and kept clean.

A less popular but still available type of polishing uses a rotary buffer. This type of polishing requires less maintenance as the machine spins the floor instead of using a diamond wheel. However, this type of polishing does not produce a very high shine and may require additional applications of sealant or wax after initial polishing.

Polished terrazzo floors can also be treated with an electronic polish that uses an ultraviolet light and a pad. This type of polish does not require any maintenance other than periodic application of sealant or wax.

In the past, terrazzo floors were normally polished with diamonds. However, diamond-polishing equipment is expensive and requires frequent maintenance to keep it in good working order. This is because diamonds wear down quickly and must be replaced frequently. As a result, used diamond pads are very expensive to replace as they cannot be reused. 

When diamond polishing pads wear down, they can cause damage to the flooring surface by scratching it during the burnishing process.

Attempts have been made to develop an alternative method for polishing terrazzo floors that is less costly than diamond-polishing equipment but retains the same high shine associated with polished terrazzo flooring surfaces.