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Why It Is Important To Hire Statutory Declaration Lawyer

Anyone who wants to be recognized by a different name regardless of whether it’s the new surname, forename or just an alternative name, is legally entitled to alter their identity. There is no legal process which must be followed for changing the name of an individual. Change your name and stop using your previous name. Changes to your name may be made at any time, but they should not be used to deceive anyone.

You may also employ solicitors who are statutory in the UK to authenticate papers. A Statutory declaration can be a legally binding document that indicates your intent to stop using your old name and to take on the new name.

There are various options to find a professional statutory declaration lawyer. The best method is to search “lawyer for statutory declaration near me” on the Internet and then, the search engine result page will show you all the lawyers, where you can compare and find the right lawyer according to your needs.

statutory declaration near me

A child’s name can be changed in the same manner in the event that those with the responsibility for parental care, usually grandparents or children’s parents, are in agreement with the modification.

It is possible that you will not be able to change the name on birth certificates because it’s only permissible in specific situations.If you’ve taken the decision to change your personal name, it is recommended to apply for an alteration for any purposes including legal proceedings and getting the appropriate driving license or passport.