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Did You Know These Types of Automotive Paints

Technology and innovation in the automotive paint market which has now become a seamless manual process. Despite the technological revolution in the automotive industry, only a few categories of automotive paint are popular. 

Traditionally, solvent-based coatings have been widely used in automotive painting, but side effects such as levels of toxic solvents and volatile organic compounds in coatings have been recognized. You can find the best automotive paint via https://panelstore.co.nz/products/2k-full-car-paint-respray-kit.

Did You Know These Types of Automotive Paints

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The demand for cars is growing due to population growth, which further exacerbates the needs of the auto market. However, this phenomenon has caused confusion as to which layer is preferred. Here are some types of automotive paint:

Car automotive paint varnish:

Automotive paint varnish has four desirable properties: gloss, dry time, ease of use, and temperature tolerance. When mixed properly, they give the car a smooth, shiny look. Compared to its competitors, it has a high-temperature caliber and can even be used at a temperature of 65 degrees. 

Acrylic automotive paint  varnish:

Acrylic automotive paints are given variations such as varnish, urethane, and enamel, each of which has different properties. This coating is usually preferred by car manufacturers because of its cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

It remains the most sought-after coating for luxury and expensive cars like Rolls Royce as it leaves a glossy finish when dry. Also, it does not pick up dust and dirt as it dries faster than other coatings.