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How To Choose A Platelet-Rich Plasma Kit

Although it was rather simple, PRP extraction was covered in the debate about the reliability of the method over the past decade. We will help remove the debate by providing information about choosing the best PRP centrifuge kit. Using the kit itself is important for the creation of PRP.

Although it is possible to pull blood into the test tube and put it through a centrifuge and claim it is PRP, it is not effective. This is what is known as "Bloody PRP," and may accommodate a 1.5x blood platelet count if you are lucky, but it will also contain one ton of red and white blood cells. Therefore, this ineffective PRP form has the potential to cause flares up after injection.

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However, if you use a kit, platelet concentration can be as high as 5-7 times the baseline.

What makes a good PRP kit?

This 5-7 concentration is very important for PRP to work, and kits allow you to choose whether or not you want to keep in the red and white blood cells, or whether you don’t. Each will work on different diseases. However, some commercial kits may not give what you want in your PRP, so it's good to know the difference between kits.

Gel separator

A gel separator is pretty much just a tube reaction with a gel at the bottom. This gel is able to separate blood from platelets due to osmosis. The main problem is when the tube reaction passes the centrifuge, most platelets will also be captured by gel too. This will end up with a concentration of 1.5 times the most recurrent concentration, but it does take out the white and red blood cells as well, so that’s a plus.

Buffy coat

The kit that lets you see buffy coats is likely to give you a concentration of 5-7 times. The buffy coat is a thin layer formed between the blood and plasma after being in the centrifuge. It is mainly only platelet and white blood cells, with plasma above, and packaged blood below it.

After this, you must be able to separate the buffy coat from red blood cells without contamination. This will help you to get a PRP with red blood cells of less than 10%.