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What Are The Main Types Of Valve Types In A Boat?

There are a few main types of valves in a boat: manifolds, strainer Valves, and relief valves. You can also check the best  pilot valves via https://cpp-us.com/.

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Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. 

-Manifolds are the most common type of valve. They allow water to flow through the valve without restriction, allowing the engine to run at its full potential. Manifolds are usually found on exhaust systems and intake systems. 

-Strainer Valves restrict the flow of water while allowing gas to escape. They are usually found on water systems, such as bilges, where they help to equalize the pressure between different parts of the system. Strainer Valves can also be used in air conditioning units and other closed systems. 

-Relief valves allow excess water to be discharged without having to shut down the engine or system. They are typically found on fresh-water intakes and discharge lines, where they protect equipment from overflowing. 

Relief valves are also used to prevent backflow in sanitary systems. Strainer Valves are typically installed on waste water of cooling systems, and they allow the water to drain while preventing sewer gas from entering the system and polluting it. 

The overall purpose of this valve is to protect your plumbing equipment. Relief valves are often called by other names, such as outlet valves and backflow preventers.

If your house has a fuel oil or R-22 system, you may need to install one of these valves in the system. It is a common requirement for houses with gas furnaces and boilers. You may also have one installed in your hot water heater, often called an emergency shutoff system.