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About Automatic Watch Winder

A watch winder is a device that is used to keep automatic watches wound and running. Automatic watches are powered by the movement of your wrist, so when you're not wearing them, they will eventually stop working.

The mainspring is a tightly-wound, ultra-thin strip of metal that provides all of the power for a mechanical watch (you can think of it as the watch’s engine).

A watch winder ensures that your watch stays wound and ready to go, no matter how long it's been since you've worn it. You can easily buy a watch winder (In the Norwegian Language “kjpe klokkevindu”) online from many sites.

kjpe klokkevindu

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Why do you need a watch winder?

If you own an automatic watch (or multiple automatic watches), a watch winder is an essential piece of equipment. It's the best way to keep your watches in good working condition, and it prevents them from stopping altogether.

How does a watch winder work?

A watch winder has a motor that turns a small platform or drum on which the watch is mounted. The motion of the platform or drum keeps the watch's movement going, which in turn keeps the watch wound and running.

What are the benefits of using a watch winder?

1. It keeps your automatic watch wound and ready to wear at any time.

2. It prevents your watches from stopping altogether if they're not worn for an extended.