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The HVAC Systems – Overlooked Opportunities To Improve IAQ

New HVAC technologies and approaches hold promise for reducing initial and long-term operational costs, and signaling improvements in indoor air quality.

Air distribution at low temperature

A relatively new approach to HVAC system design – increasingly used in new buildings and major renovations – lowers the temperature of the cold air circulated through the system. The main advantage of this approach is a reduction in initial costs and long-term savings through reduced "disposal costs". You can also hire the HVAC consulting engineers for your needs.

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When cold air is distributed in the 46-48F range, less air is required to cool interior spaces, allowing pipes and ducts to be much smaller than in conventional systems.

Demand controlled ventilation

Ensure that the indoor air exchange rate and the amount of fresh air entering the room meet the standards set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and must be cooled and dried before use for ventilation to be used.

System design for real needs

Systems and components have to be large enough to handle peak loads as part of solid HVAC engineering practice for generations. However, engineers frequently design systems based on theoretical criteria rather than on actual circumstances. 

Engineers frequently raise the size even farther than what is necessary to accommodate the theoretical peak load to account for the limited real performance data available to them for their calculations.