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Buy the House Plant That Suits the Space

House plant management is a topic that can send out ripples of apprehension. There are those who cheerfully tend to their gardens but who absolutely refuse to share their home with a houseplant. Too much trouble, they say, what with the watering, fertilizing and such. And then the darn thing may not even survive the winter. With poor management, that may be true, but the fact is, under the right conditions most house plants will thrive with a minimum of care. You can also  get more info about houseplants via plantvine.com/product-category/house-plants-indoor-interior/.

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All plants need the right amounts of light, water and food, but as long as their basic needs are met, they are surprisingly adaptable to local conditions. One Christmas cactus that I know, for example, blooms on schedule every year even though it is kept in temperatures cooler than the experts suggest – 5 degrees C (42 degrees F).

Probably the most important question involving house plants is that of choice. Before buying any plant, take a hard, calculating look at the home you are going to provide for it.

Shop for a house plant the way you would for a piece of furniture or art. You are unlikely to purchase a tall urn suitable for a hallway if there is no place to display it, and you wouldn't buy a painting for a wall where the lighting is so dim you can't see it.

Similarly, plants should be chosen for the space they will occupy, bearing in mind proximity to light, and the sources of heat and droughts. It is also useful to know the temperature of the room at most times. Rooms kept on the cool side, (maybe around 16 degrees C) are usually better than hot, dry rooms.