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Rethink Sample Pneumatic System Automation

Today, sampling systems can take advantage of advances thanks to the new Sampling / Sensor Initiative (NeSSI). So we have to think about whether we really use this innovation or just make a steel replica of a wooden bridge.

Generation II, now fully operational, automates the sampling system – and sets the stage for Generation III, the widespread use of microanalytic tools.

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Automating the testing system has always been a struggle. The first continuous analysis device and their "bad" accessory, the sampling system, appeared before the Second World War.

Today the analysts themselves have become the marvels of modern automation. However, little has changed in the sampling system.

We continue to rely on spring and membrane regulators, on / off thermostats, needle valves that can be adjusted manually, and visual monitors and control displays.

Without exception, we need to carry out routine field inspections and adjustments. In fact, it is not uncommon for analyst technicians to take daily tours.

The analytical process never achieves the automation of our employees for distributed control devices and systems (DCS).

The sampling system is one of the last bastions of manual control in a modern processing plant. Why does the analytical process remain an anachronism in a sea of automation?