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How Commercial And Residential Paving Contractor Do Their Work In Charlotte NC

A company employ’s commercial contractors to make roads, sidewalks, concrete floors, and other surfaces. Many companies can even take on larger projects, such as an airport runway. Municipal agencies, homeowners and businesses will hire them to repair or create new paved surfaces.

While most paving contractors will specialize in residential or commercial work, some may do both. It all depends on the job, and what equipment is needed. Asphalt paving contractors in Charlotte,NC will often provide pricing information for jobs that are not included in the bid outline. The lowest bidder is usually offered the job, but this is not always the case. 

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Contractors working on commercial jobs will report to the general contractor or construction manager, rather than the owner. A paving contractor is responsible for laying parking lots, walkways, and floors within new developments. They may also repair cracks and potholes in existing roads or sidewalks.

Residential paving contractors will meet with the homeowner and discuss the details of the project. They will also calculate the cost of labor and materials, and give an estimate to him. They may be hired by the homeowner to install a walkway, or floor.They may also be able to repair or replace structures such as stairs and walkways.