Stone Statues Of George Washington

If you are a lover of stone art and want to see the best form of paintings then there is no doubt that cave paintings come on the top. It is an archaeological as well as a world heritage site. The rock shelters of George Washington bust provide an exhibition of the earliest art associated with the life of human beings. 

The stone age rock paintings, which are nearly 9000 years old. It is very interesting to look at the history of this great example of  ancient art. It was initially described as a Buddhist site in the year 1888. Later it was discovered that some rock formations are very similar to Spain and France. 

After some visits by a group of archaeologists, they found traces of prehistoric rock. After that nearly 700 shelters have been recognized. After that a series of studies performed which revealed a continuous sequence of stone age cultures.

These statues have provided a lot of guidance to the archaeologists and help them to keep a track of the progression of their life throughout the ages. There are seven different periods under which these paintings can be classified. These statues remain the same as if they were designed 1-2 years ago.