Popping Questions To Your Bridesmaids

One of the first things you might think after hearing, "Will you marry me?" Is that what you want to be a bridesmaid? This is a good time to ask a friend or family member to join you with “will you be my bridesmaids”. So it doesn't have to be just a conversation.

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will you be my bridesmaid cards

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Here are some creative ideas on how to ask this important question in style:

1. Invite your friends to check out the wedding dress. When you start looking at bridesmaid dresses, ask, "Are you going to wear these when you are a bridesmaid?" If your friend has a sense of humor, you may want to wait until you find the least appealing bridesmaid dress.

2. Ask your friend questions in a foreign language. Write questions (or ask a professional to write them) on a card and show them to your friends. You can let him know or have his translation written elsewhere on the card.

3. Invite your girlfriend to a nice dinner, perhaps to announce your engagement. Go to the bathroom and ask the waiter to bring a special card for your friend after dessert. Write questions on cards.

4. Sit down with your future husband and make a video asking your girlfriend to be part of the wedding reception. You can send their videos on DVD, especially if they live out of town.

5. Organize a party for everyone you want to ask and ask the whole group questions at the same time.