Look Good With Self Tanning Products

There is a wide range of self tanning products you can choose from, depending on your requirements. You can swipe, smooth or spray on a deep tan or a light bronzed glow.

These products generally take between 45-60 minutes to become effective. The ultimate result depends on the time it takes to dry; you need to spend about three hours in getting the sunless tan of your dreams. Research has shown that the most effective sunless tanning products on the market are lotions that consist of the active ingredient dihydroxyacetone (DHA).

The freckle stain combined with our Gradual Face Tan make going makeup free look extra fresh faced, sunkissed & glowy. Like the middle of summer without the sun damage. 

DHA is a form of sugar that works on the dead skin cells in the epidermis. This interaction between DHA and skin cells produces a change of colour in your skin, which usually lasts for 5-7 days after the first application.

Millions of dead cells get sloughed off from the epidermis everyday. This is why natural as well as sunless tans tend to fade away gradually. Most sunless tanning products need to be re-applied every few days if you want to maintain the tanned look consistently.

Types of sunless tanning products

Although tanning lotions and tanning sprays containing DHA have proven to be most effective, there are various other products that can be equally useful. These include tanning accelerators – pills or lotions consisting of tyrosine (an amino acid) – that claim to stimulate and boost the production of melanin in your skin. This accelerates the process of tanning, so that you don't have to spend hours in the sun.