How You Can Make Breast Augmentation Work For Your Unique Body Type

Everyone is unique. Although we can all share a lot in common, each of us has a number of unique physical traits. One part of the human body that varies greatly between women is the breast. Therefore, breast enlargement surgery must always pay attention to the uniqueness of each individual in order to achieve the best results. 

There are various experts of plastic surgery in San Francisco like Judge MD that have provided some information about the right form of breast implants according to your unique breast type.

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There are basically two types of implants that give the appearance you find on natural breasts. This includes both round and drip implants.

As the name suggests, a round implant looks like a half ball. On the other hand, the drip implant is narrower at the top and bigger at the bottom. This is actually very similar to normal breasts.

When should a fracture or round implant be used?

Any competent surgeon will always consider the amount of breast tissue you have before choosing the right implant shape for placement. If you have enough breast tissue, you don't need tear implants because your natural tissue now has a natural, tear-like appearance.

However, if you don't have enough breast tissue – less than 2 cm – a teardrop implant is an excellent choice. This will help restore its natural-looking appearance.

Choosing the Best Implant: Your Choice or the Surgeon's Choice?

Of course, you can have certain preferences about the type of implant you want and what your breast looks like. Skilled surgeons benefit from years of training and experience, which are essential to making the most appropriate choice.

Your surgeon will only assist you in choosing the most appropriate option and will provide you with reliable information on the pros and cons of each available option.