How to Get a Green Card With The Help Of A Green Card Attorney?

The most common immigration methods used to get into the United States are through a visa or being supported by family members to obtain green cards (permanent residence card) or getting the green card by proving your own ability. A green card is a document that proves you are legally entitled to immigration benefits for those who live as well in America.

It is possible to obtain a green card when you are within the US or even when you're outside the US. If you are granted a green card while you are inside the US physically, it's known as an adjustment of status. You can also hire a reputable green card attorney via

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In the event that you obtain green cards while out of the US or if you are not eligible to change status, this process is known as consular processing. You are able to get into the US by obtaining an immigrant or a non-immigrant visa. Non-immigrant visas are designed for temporary travel for U.S. citizens for temporary visits to the U.S. for tourism, studying, or to work. 

Immigrant visas permit permanent residency to the U.S. If you are entering the US with a visa, you are able to change your status to become a Green Card Holder subject to eligibility requirements for specific visa holders. There are a variety of ways to become PR. Family members of a US citizen or green card holder can be a sponsor for you to get a green card. 

You can also apply for green cards by participating in the DV (Diversity Visa) lottery that takes place each year. It is also possible to obtain green cards through employment. In this case, the qualified US employer must sponsor you.