How To Find Good Hair Cutting Capes?

Are you frustrated with your current salon cape? Are you constantly turning the cape from side to side to get a clean surface to comb and cut long hair?

Do your clients walk away covered with hair on their clothes? Are you constantly brushing them off as they leave the chair? It’s not just clients with long hair that need more cover Hair cutting capes. Professionals in suits or well-dressed people who don’t want to change out of their street clothes benefit from getting Salon Capes.


With better coverage in the back, front, and sides, you’ll be the hero for making them look great and keeping their clothes clean.

The easy-to-snap closure runs down the arm or across the chest, depending on neck size.

The salon capes are longer all the way around, not just in the front. With a length of 39” in the front, 30” in the back, and 23” on each side, your clients will walk away with clothes that are hair-free.

Salon capes have a patented side closure, giving you a smooth surface on the back. It is easy for you to work with clients who have long hair. No more adjusting requires of the cape during your service.