How To Buy Luxury Chocolates For Wedding Favours?

These wedding favours were very fashionable amongst the aristocratic families and were usually little trinket boxes or Bonbonnieres made from porcelain which contained petite confections or cubes of sugar.

In those days sugar was rare and very expensive so only the wealthy could afford it. However, as sugar became cheaper and more accessible, these wedding favours became commonplace at more modest weddings.

The Italians came up with sugared almonds and these replaced the Bonbonnieres as chocolate wedding favours. There were 5 sugared almonds in each gift packet which represented health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity for the happy couple.

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Preparing for a wedding takes a great deal of time and effort so that everything goes like clockwork on the day. Choosing every aspect of the day is very much personal choice and it is important that some thought is given to the favours. They should not be a last minute rush purchase and should suit the rest of the wedding theme.

Favours can be personalised with the name of the bride and groom, the date and location of the wedding. There is so much choice these days and some couples will give out quite personal things like CDs with a selection of their favourite music or a small silver photo frame with their names engraved.

Other popular favours include scented candles, gourmet coffee, a scroll with a much-loved poem and scented soap. However, confectionary is still very much the gift of choice for many and there is now a magnificent choice available from the traditional sugared almonds to gourmet chocolates.