An Introduction to Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is sometimes called oil cautiously or oil of teel. It has a great reputation for its delicious strong fragrance. In the manufacturing process, sesame is fried and produces a certain fragrant substance. It is this special fragrance that distinguishes sesame oil from any other oil. Sesame oil is well received by Westerners. It is used a lot for cooking and making salads. And so do Chinese dishes.

Sesame oil has a pretty long history. In ancient times, people extracted it only by extrusion. Little by little, they found this method ineffective. So they added water to it. This new method is much more effective and is still widely applied today. According to the manufacturing method, sesame oil is divided into grinding type and machine-made type. You may order black sesame oil via

People like it not only for its fragrance but also for its great medical functions. First of all, sesame oil is an ideal source of vitamin E, which promotes cell segmentation and slows down the aging process. Second, it is a protector of blood vessels.

This oil contains around 40% unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and palmitic acid. These acids are easy to absorb and use. It accelerates the metabolism of cholesterol and helps to clean the degradations of the blood vessels. They are also useful in cruor. 

Third, it can reduce the harm caused by smoking and drinking. As we know, smoking and drinking frequently would seriously damage the lungs and liver. Drinking sesame oil helps restrict nicotine absorption and protect organs such as the oral cavity, intestines, and stomach. Also, it can soften the voice. It has the function of making the vocal cords elastic and flexible.