An Introduction To Customized Pop Up Tents

When you are planning to go out on the beach and throw a party for your loved ones, pop up tents are used for these programs. They are just as easy to handle as to fold a chair. 

These tents are lightweight and designed for protection from sun, rain, wind and dust. If you want to buy customized 10×10 pop up tent search on the internet.

These tents do not have sidewalls, and requires boundary staking. They are generally made of nylon, cotton or polyester. Some people also use some water-proof substance to make it water-proof. Some trade-shows used pop up tents made out of steel frames which are very expensive.

The various parts of pop up tents are layers or flaps, a waterproof groundsheet, poles that can be made of metal, wood or fiber. Along with that stakes and pegs to fasten it to ground and air vents to reduce condensations. Pop up tents are good for making temporary storage space.

Few people also use groundsheet protectors for added safety and soft feel. They are available in different lengths, and when you place the whole set up, the poles that make it work move in the right direction. They are very spacious tents, and are different in look from customary tents.