Aluminium Tube Bending Techniques

Aluminum tubes are widely used in many devices. Aluminum has many advantages over other metals, making it a highly preferred metal when it comes to the manufacture of various household items, structural elements, auto parts, and even cables.

This is how the aluminum pipe is lavishly used and follows some of the techniques used to bend aluminum pipe. You can also have a peek here to know more about tube bending techniques.

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• Press Bend

Bending the press may be one of the easier techniques for bending aluminum pipe. This method uses a single matrix, which is the shape and size of the curve required. This mold is pressed against the pipe to be bent and a force is applied until the required bend is achieved.

Since this is the easier and used method for cold pipe, the results are not very neat. In fact, the oval part appeared because no support filler was used in the tube.

• Bend over with a rotating pull

On the other hand, rotational bending by drawing techniques provides a neat and clean finish while maintaining the same pipe diameter as the rest of the pipe. Therefore, this method is perhaps the most popular of all pipe bending techniques.

In this process, a special mold set is used and the pipe is intercepted by a forming mold that maintains a constant radius from the center, providing aesthetically strong bends.

• Induction bending

Induction bending is another widely used technique for bending aluminum tubes. In this technique, heat is applied using a heated coil. The high temperature makes it easy to bend pipes from hot places.