Aluminium Boat Designs Know Your Options Before Buying

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What boat design you need depends on your requirements, budget, and available features. For instance, considering hulls, you can find 2 types of boats, multi-hulls and monohulls. While multi-hull boats have more than one hull, monohull boats have only one. Moreover, monohull boats are statically unstable as compared to multihulls and catamarans, which means they are susceptible to the side-to-side position of waves. But for sailing, these boats can point near the wind direction better than the multihulls.

Now, let’s take a glance at different boat designs so that you can choose the best one.

Aluminium Monohull Boats

These boats come in various sizes, configurations, and shapes including workboats, small skiffs, and big cabin cruisers. The boats are particularly built and designed for conceivable water activities.

Aluminium Rigid Inflatable Boats

The lightweight design of the boat helps increase the hull speed at low power. Also, the air present in the tube cushions you from some effect of hitting the waves. It is famous for diving boats, dinghy tenders, rescue boats, and fast applications like border patrol boats or coast guard.

Aluminium Drift Boats

They are generally made for river fishing. The boats are small, versatile, and trailerable. Boat designers like Specmar can be assembled without the requirement of unique extrusions. This helps reduce costs and simplify the manufacturing process.

Landing Craft

If you want to carry and load/unload heavy things to remote locations through waterways, this boat is a perfect pick. It has a front gate that can easily be lowered onshore. Such boats offer great speed and performance in cargo capacity.

Besides, you can also consider speciality boats and Aluminium catamarans when shopping from aluminium boat builders in Queensland.