All About Paint Supplies In Auckland

The following list can help you determine what tools you may need to acquire in order to successfully complete your interior painting project. You can also look for the best paint supplies online in Auckland via

  • Paint scraper , clothes
  • Manual and / or orbital block sanding
  • Spatula ,mushrooms
  • Spackles , Blue artist ribbon
  • Towel drip

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Wholesale painting consumables to complete projects

  1. Stairs , bucket
  2. Paint Edger , Brushes (in various sizes such as 4 inch, 3 inch, and 1½ inch)
  3. Corner wing brushes (in various sizes such as 1½ inch and 2 inch)

You must also pay attention to the safety features you need, such as: Safety glasses, respirators, face masks, earplugs, rubber gloves, fans, and others.

Things to know when buying paint supplies in Auckland :

The list above is a good place to start in determining what you will need to complete your interior painting project. The general rule is to use a paint roller to cover large areas. Custom brushes and tools are better for smaller areas, corners, walls, plinths and more. 

You need to carefully compare the quality between the various tool options. Unless you choose the best tool for your budget, you are risking a value below par. Your paint application should be as professional and simple as possible.