2 Awesome Vegan Restaurants in Paris You Cant Miss!

From cafes to restaurants many establishments in Paris provide a plant-based menu.

The past was when finding vegan-friendly restaurants in Paris was a slog. However, that is not the case anymore. With over 50 vegan eateries and cafes that have opened in recent years. If you want to find the top vegan eateries in Paris, you can pop over to this website vegantravelagent.com/category/europe/.

Le Faitout Vegan Restaurant- French Country Restaurants in Paris: The Le Faitout is a vibrant vegetarian Paris establishment and bar that serves vegan versions of French traditional dishes, such as incredible vegan cheeses and charcuterie platter. The food items on the plate are so tasty that when the last bite of creamy, delicious cheese reaches your lips, you'll begin to dream about the day you'll be back for a second serving.

Sol Semilla Sol Semilla – Healthy Organic vegan Paris Food: If you're looking for a little bio-friendly goodness that's healthy go to Sol Semilla in Paris. The cozy eatery and shop feature an extensive menu of tasty vegetables that are rotated each day. The food is all organic, gluten-free, and homemade. It is also perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned.

In addition to the regular menu, the restaurant also offers an option for soup daily and a wide selection of dessert options and even raw plates. Organic, bio and natural wines complete the menu well. If you're not ready for a drink with alcohol, there's plenty of fresh juices and non-alcoholic beverages to pick from.